Last night I released a stupid little blogging tool called Ploppy. It’s a little plugin for WordPress that lets you add a line to each blog describing the state of your bowel movements using the Bristol Stool Scale. For example:

Stools: Type 4 - Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft

Anyway, this morning I received an appreciative email that nearly caused me to issue a Type 7:

Subject: ploppy rules!

You forgot to mention the painful joys of passing a gigantic 2. As you
stand beside the throne, panting with effort and tears of joy and relief
in your eyes, you hit the flush handle and are then presented with the
sight of your ginormous 2 pitching stern-up like a sinking ship and
whirling round and round with the water, coating the insides of the bowl
in all four quadrants. It is, if done at the office toilet, a
statement: "I was here, and I passed what was to be passed, and I did it
mightily. Your mere skidmarks do not impress me." (that's assuming
you're a thoughtless twit and don't apply the brush to it at once)

Just a cheery bit of scatology to entertain you.


I love the Internet 🙂

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