Parrot on my head

Sitting in front of the blog engine, parrot on my head preening my hair (before crapping on it, no doubt) it all feels good. Yes, red wine has been ingested, but nonetheless there are clearly good things afoot.
Work has been particularly shite recently, but there have been a few good points. Not least of which is that the Students’ Union decided to honour me with an award at the 2005 Student Awards Night! I can’t tell you how important this was to me. There were lots of jokes beforehand about how it was a “lunchtime achievement award” (thanks Llynos) etc to the extent that I was convinced it was a piss-take…but it wasn’t! Some great friends from work came along, together with many “big nobs” from the college, and it was a great night. Everyone in the place seemed happy and seemed to have a good time (apart from Ben who fell down the stairs and had to be taken to hospital…again :). Jamie, the official Union geezer, had the job of selecting the music to be played as the winners picked up their awards. He is convinced I am some sort of geek…Christ knows why…and so chose the Imperial March from Star Wars (AKA Darth Vader’s theme). Sadly, I was wearing all black as I went up to collect the award, so it was quite appropriate.
Needless to say, Michele and I had a couple of “bastards behind the eyes” next day.

And that same day a really good old friend, Tony, popped in from France. He, Zap, Michele and I spent a drunken night in the company of Eurovision (we was robbed), Dr Who, HIGNFY and various other televisual delights, whilst having a good laugh and a good curry from Monsoon…well I enjoyed it anyway.

Sunday was another goody. We went over to my mum and dad’s and had some gorgeous roast pork, followed by a brief selection of someof my dad’s 1970s singles collection…ie my audio childood memories: Peter, Paul and Mary, Paddington Bear sung by Bernard Cribbins, The Wurzels etc). So good. There have been loads of other occurrances recently but none spring to mind. When they appear I’ll get blogging.
More apologies to those whom I have been so crap at keeping in contact with.

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