Overdrawn of the dead

Vikram Pandit:Zombienpr broke with tradition yesterday morning and broadcast something interesting and highly amusing during Morning Edition; a piece describing what is meant by the term “Zombie Banks”. It would seem that all the bank bailouts have done is keep the organs of the corpses artificially alive, dragging the rest of the economy, and therefore the rest of us, down with them. Sapping the life out of all of us, they continue to stumble on like flesh eating zombies. Now, I like this analogy and it seems pretty accurate from my perspective, but I was truly awestruck by the earnest pleas from the interviewee who was getting quite worked up:

We have a situation where there are zombies roaming around and the government programmes so far are an aspirin, when instead you’ve got to chop its head off and get the economy growing again.

Please give it a listen, it’s four marvellous minutes of mirth.

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