Our brave boys

Makes you feel proud to be British it does! When our brave boys managed to rescue 3 hostages from the terrorists in Iraq. Not only that but, thanks to their superior intelligence, not a single shot was fired and no-one was even injured! And the whole rescue lasted a matter of minutes. Now, as skeptical as I am about patriotism and the military, I was quite impressed by this. The SAS have a very good reputation on the hostage rescue front, but usually at the expense of many other lives. In fact, it’s widely known that they are some of the most efficient killers on the planet…and that isn’t a criticism. That’s their job and they’re really good at it!

So when every rag printed 3 days worth of in-depth speculation, praise and jingoism about them, it was re-assuring to note that no-one was harmed….so presumably they managed to capture the kidnappers so we could interrogate them ?

Well no.

In fact, a few days after the SAN stopped waving union jacks it transpired that the kidnappers had fucked off 2 days before !.

No wonder “not a shot was fired”! I could have rescued them, and still got back to the hotel in time for a beta-blocker! All you’d need is a car and a pair of scissors. And I wouldn’t have demanded the geezers’ thanks on international telly in return.

The fact that the US Army were involved should make us grateful that no other allied forces were shot in friendly fire during the process I suppose. But when the Christian peace activist refused to wrap himself in a union flag and volunteer his back-side to the SAS NAFFI, we really shouldn’t be angry with him.

Personal stuff: we’re a hairs-breadth from getting me a work Visa in the U.S. but have some really tedious paperwork to sort out. Work has been intense but enjoyable and my mum made us the best lasagne in the history of pasta last Sunday….which was mothers day. I know, we’re supposed to treat her on that day but there are two mitigating circumstances:

  1. We got the week wrong and brought her a pot-plant the week before
  2. We’re going to go to a fish restaurant in Greenwich next week with the family. The reviews are either 10 or 1. Hopefully we’ll get a 10 experience 🙂
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