On the approach

Still not christmas, still haven’t finished work. However, today is Nicola’s wedding day and so I’m off work anyway. The dread of the impending suit is upon me and eased only by the thought that the reception is in a really excellent Greek Taverna in New Eltham.

Yesterday I met up with Brodie, wee John, Millwall Paul, Steve the Copper and a bloke called Bill to whom Steve referred as “Kaiser”. Even though much of the day involved watching football – something I’m really not into, it was an excellent afternoon. Firstly it was my first visit to the Forest Hill Wetherspoon’s. This place is incredible. It’s a pub converted from a massive victorian cinema. The adjective “massive” really doesn’t accurately convey the true massiveness of massivity of this place. You could comfortably land a jet there. Weirdly, not only is it BIG but it was packed -so it didn’t seem like it was huge and empty. Admittedly most of the customers were there because you can buy 6 pints for less than a tenner and eat a resonable meal for a fiver, but hey – it was a good atmosphere.

Later, Mod came round ours so I staggered home and we ordered Pizza. For some reason I was very weary by this time, and so Michele and I ended up going to bed at about half eight. Oh well – time to get in the bath.

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