Obviously nobody cares

Lots of stuff has happened (as stuff is wont to do) since I last wrote a proper blog: both my sister and I had a birthday for a start. That’s not as important to us 30 something (big) people as it used to be, especially now that my sister and her partner have made a lovely niece for me…thanks guys 😉

I got exactly what I wanted for my birthday: a night of just being home with Michele, the birds, good telly, Carlo’s cheapest, and a quality pizza. Really, that’s all I want out of life these days; it’s nice to regularly achieve it.
The night after that there was an informal gathering of people in a near-workplace bar that helped us all get drunk in a friendly, relaxed, atmosphere. Not quite the Hob/Marquis/Walpole/Amersham, but not far off it. Seriously, some of these American chaps are really rather sound. And the chapesses. Who are also chaps.

Today we went to Michele’s Mum’s as an early Mothers’ Day thing (Michele can’t attend tomorrow because she is working a million hour day at the clinic). This turned out to be extremely enjoyable and involved good food, drink, good family, diatonic accordions, and Sesame Street. Diatonic accordions are extremely good fun by the way, especially if you know your way around a diatonic harmonica. In fact I’m going to try to find one in some flea-market somewhere.

It has been a busy few weeks, both in work and outside. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact the ambient mood in our house hovers around the mellow. That can’t be bad.

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