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What inspires someone to write their blog ? It would be nice if it was the general warm, comfortable feeling of a pleasant evening…but usually it’s not. Usually it’s a passion of some sort, and I’m afraid that is the inspiration behind this entry. Despite being in the warm, with my lovely warm wife, with a lovely bottle of warm wine, a lovely warm computer network and a lovely warm telly (including a recently purchased warm digital broadcast receiver available from Dixons for only 79.99 and supplying an extra 30 channels to your TV, containing only 3 that are worth watching and even then it’s only after 7pm..) I’m feeling passionate. Sadly it’s about estate agents.

Firstly there was the BBC Holiday programme. Some gaffawing twat was describing her wonderful year-long holiday in Sri Lanka where she was looking after elephants.

How is she, a 30 year old shitgirl, able to afford such a holiday, we, the viewers asked ?

She explained that it was because she’d managed to buy a house in London and was renting it out. That was how she was funded…nice.

Now, she couldn’t afford the holiday without this extra money. Presumably she was also paying the mortgage on the place. That means she was not only charging the poor bastards who live there the mortgage, but also the the cost of her year long extravagant slothathon.

Well done young lady. Margaret Thatcher would be proud.

After this disgusting spectacle was a ‘documentary’ about Estate Agents. Not a real documantary, hence the quote marks, but one of these 7pm BBC trash tabloid scumfests that masquerades a serious journalism: 4×4.

The odious scum in this programme are beyond description. Needless to say they were all unwilling to entertain the idea that they were doing anything but a good service to society.

The investigative journalists discovered amazing news:

  • London houses are ludicously overpriced
  • Estate agents can sometimes be dishonest
  • Some poeple are getting screwed by the whole system
  • Estate agents never lose
  • Estate agents are scum

Thanks BBC1 – we’d never have known.

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