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Roll up, Roll up for the crappest show on earth!

  • You queued for an hour for major disappointment at the millenium dome.
  • You queued for two hours to get your passport renewed while the passport office was hopelessly trying to implement a really ropey computer system
  • You travelled to London from Yorkshire to place a bunch of flowers in a pile outside the house of an over-privileged sloan who drove into a wall whilst pissed on very expensive champagne

NOW! there’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to queue for 3 miles and 6 hours to see a coffin containing the dead body of a very old, over-privileged parasite! Be there or be the subject of hypocritical journalism by a load of tabloid scum who are sitting in the pub.

Enough about the dear old Queen Muvva (Gawd Blessah).

It’s been a good week, considering. The sun has been shining, the e-mail upgrade that kept me awake for several days doesn’t seem to have gone too badly and with some unofficial TOIL I’ve managed to sit in the Beautiful Hobgoblin garden, eating cheese and biscuits, drinking red wine and talking bologs with some nice people. That is what life is about.

Brodie has also fired up the barbeque and consequently I’ve eaten my year’s meat quota in one day. Joy.

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