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Ho hum – the end of another week.
This week:

  • Anti-fascists were outnumbered by fascist-scum on an NF march to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthay in Bermondsey.
  • The French managed to totally bollocks-up the election by letting the FN get second-place with only three percent difference to the corrupt tories which knocked the left out of the picture… There are now posters in France saying “Vote for the crook not the Nazi”.
  • Margaret Thatcher still isn’t dead! – come on Ma’am, pop your clogs, there’s a good wicked-old-bag.

But It’s my birthday on sunday and excuse to spend some money on a nice meal out with my wife. So thats all right then.

Well, time to go up the pub, burn some brain-cells and some cash and generally forget how many wankers there are in the world.

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