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Three days off work. What am I doing today, the last of them ? Sitting front of a computer and worrying about still not having done my tax return. How crap is that ?
If you are wondering ‘why not just do it ?’ then please fuck off right now.
I knew I shouldn’t have had that coffee from the Bagel factory this morning. It was only because they had an offer where you get it for 50p when you by the eggfast-brekkie-bacon-bagel – a massive saving of 50p, for something that I didn’t even want in the first place because of the nervous shaking and panic it induces. Oh well, at least the egg-n-bacon-mcbrunch-bagel was pretty bloody gorgeous. Perfect brekkie material especially after a train ride up from Brighton.

Last night I went down to stay with Ben – he had tickets to see Mark Thomas on stage and it was a really good night. Most entertaining. He’s another one of these blokes like Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy that can make a serious point, that they obviously feel strongly if not passionately about, and at the same time make it funny…how do you do that ?

Afterwards we and several of Ben’s mates went for a Thai (meal ;), which was superb. ‘Drunken Duck’, egg fried rice and two bottles of the vino collapso. What could be better.

On the way down, a bloke in a suit sat next to me and got out a non-descript black laptop. Just before I got onto a real downer, and started to contemplate switching career away from computers to plumbing or lion-taming, I noticed he was running Linux. A warm, hopeful, optimistic feeling came over me and banished all negative thoughts. Unfortunately I was so excited I couldn’t resist conveying my happiness to the guy, and just got a mumbled, and slightly scared-sounding, acknowledgement from him. He probably went straight home and installed XP over the top of it to reduce the risk of more scruffy, unix-twat loonies trying to talk to him on public transport…oh dear.

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