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Despite spending the last month of my life working so hard for nearly
20 hours a day, to the point where I stopped believing in anything but
ASCII, we’re still not making any money.

Today we reached our 2000 pounds overdraft limit.

It is two weeks after I got paid, and thus two weeks before I get paid again.
OK I’m owed money for several jobs…but the jobs aren’t technically finished
yet so I can’t get paid for them.

The infection on the inside of my cheek wasn’t frightened by last weeks course
of antibiotics and is flourishing to the extent that Dr Livingstone (
it really is his name poor fucker) has not only prescribed another course,
but has referred me to a specialist at the hospital.
Of course, I can’t fill the prescription because the bank won’t give me any moremoney.
On leaving the surgery it started to rain in a spectacular fashion. Were I not
a devout atheist it could possibly convince me to start work on building a
large wooden boat.

As I was feeling ill, tired and depressed (and also because I had washed my
hair today for the first time in two months) walking in the rain seemed like an
unbearable prospect. The 10 quid in my pocket would have covered a cab
home but would mean a night without lovely alcohol. The only period of joy in
my days at the moment.

So I walked. I got soaked. I got blown about by the tempestuous wind and I
got a couple of bottles of wine.

Dripping, I came home and relished the thought of letting out a huge, bitter
blog. Of course the ADSL is down. Of course. Of course it’s down. Look at this shit:

traceroute to denzil, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1  rewter (  0.768 ms  5.206 ms  0.688 ms
 2 (  14.516 ms  14.221 ms *
 3 (  36.61 ms  13.801 ms *
 4 (  15.112 ms  15.778 ms *
 5 (  16.172 ms *  22.477 ms
 6  * (  15.442 ms  17.673 ms
 7  * (  15.911 ms  13.907 ms

But it won’t win while I have vi…
Fuck British telecom.
Fuck Connex (another story).
Fuck Everything.
But hey – don’t look on the down side. Think happy! Remember all of the things
we’ve got to look forward to:

  • The death of your parents
  • The death of close friends
  • Chronic and serious debt
  • chronic and painful illness
  • A slow deterioration in health towards death
  • Incontinance
  • senility

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