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To celebrate the end of work for a couple of weeks, my body has given me a nice shit cold to ruin my free time. It’s one of these new 21st century ones that just hang around making you feel a bit crap, snotty and coughy without ever knocking you out for months.
The only cure seems to be red wine, which has a miraculous effect. Either it cures it every day or makes me ignore it. Regardless, highly recommended.

The last week of college was totally OTT.
Tuesday was the Information Services Christmas Meal. As the organiser, I decided to take the afternoon off – a good idea. We started at mid-day. At midnight Zap and I left after behaving very, very badly to all in insulting distance.
Everyone said they enjoyed it which is all that matters, despite having totally fscked up my magic tricks by being forced to reveal how they were done. The worst one was when I went to the bog, leaving a small magnet that I had ‘cleverly’ concealed under my behind on the chair, behind. Kind of gave that one away.
Wednesday: the IS staff party. Exactly as everyone involved expected. As an added bit of excitement we vacated the “Library Staff room” and relocted to the Warmington kitchen. You may think that this sounds like a really crap, work-based, tedious, drunk-too-much type work event. Well it was. We really tried, honest, to make it good. But what can you do when you work in a fucking library ?

The finance party on thursday was pretty good. Mainly because they can afford a really good selection of drink and food. In fact, an excellent selection. We even had a choice of wine where each option was quite good, rather than cheap crap.

Friday was the last day before christmas….pub…nuff said.

So over the weekend I just rested and tried to fight off my bastard cold. Failed. Sunday was pretty fun. We had an early christmas at My mum and dad’s place because frances, my sister, was up. It was genuinely good! Even though the situation in the extended family is generally shite, we managed to have a good laugh at the expense of an utterly insane relation (whom I can’t mention for legal reasons – seriously) whose letter they had just received…..
Frances managed to buy totally appropriate, thoughtful presents for everyone. Why does she do this ? She never used to… she used to be reassuringly crap at present buying. Just like me. Now I just feel crap because I gave her a bloody WHSmiths voucher. How wanky is that ?

Well, tomorrow is christmas eve. I’m trying to make a digital clock for my mum, but like all jobs, it’s taking longer than expected. Not helped by the fact that I only started today….

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