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A really nice day yesterday. Did some work on the PIC project which worked nicely and then decided to attack a really irritating Winblows problem.
After my last Athlon motherboard blew-up I bought a replacement, the chip was fine so I just used that. The hard-disk was dual boot Linux/Windows. The Linux partition booted fine – no problem, everything working fine….but the bastard windows 98 partition (needed for a couple of things unfortunately) would not find the network cards. Believe me I tried everything, moving the cards about, removing the entire ENUM key in the registry (which sorted everything else OK), 3 different NICs. Using the ‘Add New Hardware’ wizard to add the cards explicitly caused me to shout the words “FUCKER” and “CUNT” on several occasions as it told me that the card was plug-and-play and so didn’t need installing…..just plug the card in and reboot! Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!
So yesterday I switched hardware – ‘teapot’ the Linux workhorse/music-player/firewall/router switched into the athlon box, and ‘parrot/blackbird’ the winblows/linux disk into the K6-2/500…and it worked!
Had to zap the ENUM key and get it to redetect everything, but after about 50 reboots all the hardware was detected! Woooooohooo! So Everything’s working and my dear teapot is now on an Althlon. happy happy.
In the evening we went to see some friends, Jackie and Mike, for dinner. Jackie did a curry and it was fantastic. All vegetarian, but superb. A spinach and prawn dish, and a butternut squash Rogan Josh. It’s totally inspired me to try and cook curry – I’d love to be able to knock up something like that.
Mike has an enormous record collection and we even got to listen to a bit of Gong before it got turned off due to public (female) pressure.

When oh when will Brian Aldridge get his comeuppance ?

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