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Today I went to hospital to discover that the lump on the inside of my cheek isn’t in fact cancer, but the opening of a saliva gland and totally normal. “Everyone has one” the registrar told me, ” in fact you’ll find another one on the other side”. Which I did. I also felt like a bit of a pratt – on the other hand the GP didn’t spot it as normal either.

Queen Elizabeth hospital, a great example of why PFI is a terrible idea, was as cack as normal. Apart from sending me the appointment date by second class post which caused it to arrive only-just in time, I still had to walk several miles through the hospital to find “Area G” and even then I wasn’t seen until 40 minutes after my time. The area around the bus stop looks like a landfill site.

Even Norman Lamont was on the radio this morning slagging off PFI…but still, despite logic and common sense, the iron-heel of New Labour continues to march…

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