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Another weekend that actually only lasted ten minutes. Achievements:

  • going out for a night in Blackheath with some good friends, managing to eat and drink too much and generally being obnoxious.
  • DJing…apparently. It seemed more like me putting on a couple of cds while Paulsy was having a piss if you ask me, but there you go
  • Useful but mundane shit like buying some rechargable batteries, writing some PIC code, ripping some Hawkwind vinyl and tying up some loose ends from my dayjob.

A friend of mine got a suspended sentence this week….for posession of cannabis! This has pissed me off to a stupid degree. OK I know there are more important things to worry about at the moment like 90 hostages getting shot in Russia, an imminent war on non-americanism and Plue Peter presenters turning out to be (alledged) rapists…but fuck man, it’s 2002. London is full of gun crime, robberies, muggers, nonces, gangs of Eltham Geezers starting fights and plod has got nothing better to do than nick nice blokes for the crime of wanting to feel mellow and giggle at stupid shit on the telly.

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