Nice things

By the end of my second week at MegaCorp the digital bureaucracy had managed to fast-track me some accounts, allowing me to do a day’s work! Woohoo!
It was good too! Tech stuff, but enjoyable. Just enough mental excercise to make the hours pass away. In fact I’m now digging the new job. It’s about as far removed from the last job as you can get, in terms of social-life anyway, but that’s good. Also the UK members of my “team” are not only nice blokes but skilled tech-dudes too. Something of a contradiction I would have thought until now.

The weekend was disgustingly short. I bought a Belkin ADSL modem/router/firewall/wireless-access-point from PC Wank on saturday. It turned out to be a stonker of a good buy: not only does it contain a rather cool OS called ‘ATMOS/ISOS’ that’s very IOSy it can also run Linux 🙂 I’ll leave that bit of hackmongery until I get very bored.

We had our customary Saturday night curry and watched Wedding Crashers (worth a view – available on a torrent site near you). On Sunday I went over for a meal at my mum and dads. Michele had gone off to the parrot rescue place all day and Frances was at a barbecue [ have I blogged about my sister moving back to London after leaving her boyfriend/job/life in Plymouth ? IMHO she’s very brave and has made such a good decision. Obviously she doesn’t see it in those terms at this point but she will I’m sure.] We managed to have a really good laugh about all kinds of stupid stuff that night too.

Until sitting down at this computer I had intended to write all kinds of insightful stuff about the London bombs etc…but frankly I think it would have ended up being a load of old crap….so I didn’t bother.

Tonight the good folks of G*******s arranged for a night out at the nearest pub. We were threatened with ejection owing to the drunken state of my colleagues (not me obviously). For the benefit of my long-term-memory here are a few key points:

  • Dave’s pet idea
  • Llynos stripping off and getting into the paddling pool
  • Lisa’s “new look”
  • Jif and Llynos smashing up the chair and getting threatening comments from the guvnor

There are more interesting things…but I don’t remember them 🙁

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