My new tattoo

Chinese Symbol TattooIt means “global harmony”.

Actually it’s not a real tattoo, and actually it says “fish balls”. But I wanted to go around telling people it says some trite bullshit like “peace and happiness” or “inner soul” in the faint hope that one day a Chinese speaker will realise it actually says fish balls and be too embarrassed to tell me. Stupid I know but it’s the sort of thing that amuses Michele and me.

It’s done with this stuff called Jagua which is a bit like a dark version of henna (it’s not so-called “black henna” which is toxic as all hell – and doesn’t contain any henna.)

In a follow up to the previous post, it seems the Canadian Police have wisely owned-up to infiltrating the protesters. All very noble except that they’re denying they were there to stir up trouble…we know that’s a lie you dullards for the same reason we knew you were undercover in the first place. We’ve seen the film!

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