Multicoloured baubles with feathers and beautiful wings

This is actually just a description of this weeks events, but that’s such a lame description I thought it might be better to jazz up the title a bit.

Well, Monday and Tuesday we were on strike. For the first part of both days I was on the picket line. For the second in the SU bar. Good things about the strike:

  • I managed to persuade a few people to join the union.
  • It was sunny and good spirited
  • It did have an impact on the college and a lot of other London universities.
  • The SU is a good and cheap place to go and eat and drink
  • We pissed off the senior management
    On the down side:

  • I had an argument with a member of staff about it
  • We didn’t get paid for two days
  • Some academic accused us of “playing” with our middle class protest. On reflection this pisses me off more than anything else. A discussion for another day.
  • We pissed off the senior management

Anyone who wants to tell me that I shouldn’t be complaining about my level of pay can give me a ring and talk about it.

An aside – is it just me or was Hip Hop much better in my day ? Oh jesus…what have I become…I had a debate with my dad today about why the PigBag 7-inch I’d picked up from some charity shop in Eltham, was good. To my mum and dad it’s new music. To me it’s classic music. To the kids today (who don’t know they’re bloody born probly) it’s old music.

The rest of the week was work – with extended periods in the SU. The best news we received was that Balaclava, the shitheads that took over, wrecked and insulted the memory of Hobgoblin…..WENT BUST! Hooray! May the senior management rot in piss-stained poverty for the rest of their lives. They cynically damaged good people’s lives, good businesses and good passtimes. Bye!

Rakesh got me some chai massala for making Indian tea. i was really excited about it and got up early the next day to make it. We’d run out of milk. This caused a 5 minute period of mild irritation and loud swearing. So later that day, Michele went out and bought some more. The next day I got up early again, had a bath, put the water on to boil, got the milk and then noticed we didn’t have any tea…ARSE. Anyway, today we got it all together and had about 6 pints of chai – and it was superb. Nice one Rakesh.
We drank the yummy stuff whilst watching saturday kitchen and Humphrey wandered around looking small and feathery. At one point he decided to go for a fly around the flat – his first excursion outside of the front room. In the kitchen he panicked, obviously spooked by the shock of realising the world was much bigger than he had previously thought, and flew to the ground. Once on terra firma he briskly walked back into the front room and into the security of his cage.
Confession: I went to the Eltham Grill again…God I love that place.

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