Mortgage problems and parrots

A bloody great question mark dropped onto our mortgage plans this week. Obviously, as it landed ten days before we are due to move in to our new place, it was about as welcome as a dose of syphilis. This caused a great deal of stress and anger, as you can surely imagine, but things seem to be a lot happier now – and not just because we’ve had a lovely night out at one of our favorite over-priced eateries on Main St. In fact, it’s all currently looking quite positive on all counts.
As much as I miss London, our excellent friends and our excellent family there, nether of us think that moving back there would solve anything; we’re going to give this thing a proper go.

For the first time in my new cuboid career I worked at home today. There are a bunch of reasons why, but by parrot-bed-time I was feeling utterly rejuvenated. Not only because I got a day working with parrots, but also because I wasn’t in that fucking depressing office. I actually managed to get more done than I would have done in my cube.

The parrots are all superb company during the day, even though the two ekkies are a couple of little buggers. More about that another day.

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