Why can’t there be more football on the telly ? It’s only on every fucking night. And only just over half of the ads and TV programmes are all about it. I think the TV stations just aren’t trying. OK, the world cup hasn’t even started yet but by now everyone in the UK should be a rabid, jingoistic, singleminded moron….oh hold on…etc

Yeah well in the past month the country and, seemingly, the rest of the world, has shifted further to the right and politics is a very intersting place. However I’ve got my head stuck so far up my own arse that I haven’t even got round to writing anything about it. Again, I can’t recommend the Spy Blog highly enough as a good source of information on how less free we are all becoming by the day. Also, please take a few moments to keep an eye on this poor sad bugger who is due to be sent to the U.S. to be burned in public as a witch as a result of his computer activity. The guy sat alone in his room night after night accessing illegal information…he’s 40. Was it child porn ? No. Was it terrorist information ? No. Was it hacking into military computers ? No; despite the accusations. Sadder than all of these, he was looking for evidence of aliens in the US .mil servers….didn’t even get a Barclays out of it (I hope). This ISN’T hacking…it’s just very sad. Especially as he’s about to get slaughtered live on US TV as a punishment (probly). But he is going to be made an example of…poor sod.

I bought a badminton racket on Sunday. I feel fitter already 🙂

Loads of other things of course but most unblogable. For my own benefit, here are some memory joggers:

  • Friday – Michele’s leaving do at Zulus (Big saffas, biltong at £3.50 a go)
  • Me and Tony meeting another me on the train – the wonder of l2k6 t-shirts…
  • The Hob, champagne, Katie, Mike, Ian and broken glass.
  • Near fisticuffs and Tony doing his ‘leave it he’s not worth it’ bit. “Doc” Martin
  • The Rosie, Andy, Cherie and the stripping lesbian DJ
  • Nice parrot
  • Working and Julie Andrews

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