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Watching The Hits on saturday (a bit like The Box only more crap) got me addicted. When Freeview came out it was essentially the Kylie and Timberlake channel. But, as more people get Freeview it appears to be getting more safe.
Several tunes have been squatting in my head recently, and now, after a couple of failed attempts and a couple of quid, I have the videos. If you don’t know “Mass Destruction” by Faithless then you are probably over 30, like me, and will hopefully discover how brilliant it is soon.
While I’m on the subject, could someone please explain why the video for “Laura” by “Scissor Sisters” on The Hits is totally different from that available all over the Internet (from legit and dodgy sources). Oddly, the one on The Hits is, IMHO, far, far better. If anyone knows the story of why there two different videos then PLEASE let me know.
Apart from falling in love with Ana Matronic and the bloke from Faithless, I have been leading a very normal existence. Cash worries, existential terrors and work being shit, are all factors which have sparked a new interest in getting a new, stupidly overpaid, job. In fact, this prospect is keeping me going at present.

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to see Alex, Alvira, and Judy, on Alex’s last night before he flew off to a new life in Mexico. It’s surprising how emotional this made me feel. Good Luck Alex.

CU Friday Tobes 😉

Good night

“Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction” – Faithless

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