For some reason, The Wankometer got put on some popular “Bay Area” blog. As a result, cynicalbastards.com has averaged over 1,700 visits (21,000 hits) a day since October 1st. So please don’t be disturbed by the slow response from my poor little server. God forbid we ever end up on the Slashdot front page…
As I type, my head is doing OK, but it has been a turbulent few days in there. On sunday I freaked out and went a bit mad, which upset and pissed off my mum, dad, sister and bat. I’m sorry everyone, but I can’t explain what went on…it may be related to recent events combined with running out of sertraline 4 days ago. Generally speaking I’m finding life quite tricky at the moment, but trying to supress the weirdness is doing me in even more. Lots of people would say that the correct behaviour would be to let it out. But that is such a crap idea. In fact, I do let it out, but only in safe places, or by accident. No matter how close a friend may be, they will get pissed off with you if you spend your entire time together banging on and on about things they can’t possibly identify with. I’ve been on both sides of this fence, and neither is fun.
It will pass.
Work has had absolutely no impact at all. In fact it’s had massive impacts, but in both directions:

  • AFAICT, 6 out of 10 people at my workplace are
    hoeplessly cretinous dullards who believe they are geniuses. Anyone who thinks they are a genius is clearly a delusional loon. As Dave H says: “Intelligence is knowing what you don’t know”
  • One or two of the idiots are also dangerous and should be sent to prison for their detrimental effect on all humanity
  • The Dilbert Principal is not a joke…
  • Working “in IT” actully means spending your life working around bugs in Microsoft and Apple software, and attending to the whims of stupid, lazy, users who shouldn’t ever be allowed anywhere near computers. The same type of people are usually responsible for forcing unworkable broken systems on IT staff and end up blaming them when it all, inevitably, breaks.

On the other hand:

  • There have been lots of personal achievements (ok, some are quite small, but they’re still achievements) at work recently
  • I’ve got a loving family, in at least 2 directions
  • A 2nd cousin of mine has managed to trace the Wellard family to the 1700s (6x great grandfather a least). One was a jailer and his son owned a pub in Whitstable! Maybe it’s his influence that is responsible for my love of Bitter and Cockles ?
  • The other systems dudes and I have been solving a few long term problems and, in doing so, have made several people happy.

Total result: 0. Which is progress.

Rumsfeld is now suggesting that there never was any evidence linking Saddam with Al Quaeda. Well, we all knew that of course, but why is he now saying it in public ? Rat deserting a sinking shit perhaps ?

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