Middle Age?

Yet again we’re all pathetically grateful for an extra day tacked on to the weekend. Not everyone of course, there are a bunch of brothers and sisters who aren’t given this particular holiday – in the same way that my fellow workmates and I weren’t given the last couple of holidays. The entire notion of national holidays being optional is still weird to me.

Today M and I geeked out to the extreme: we went down to the canal to spot birds for the GBBC and while she was checking-off Herons, Cormorants, Cardinals and Mockingbirds I managed my first QSO with a stranger. This was using my cheap-arse “Baofeng” HT, via our local repeater. We chatted for around half an hour covering the usual HAM topics of traffic and HAM-hardware, but it got me really pumped to try and mess around with HF radio. He also gave me some advice about kit. Thanks Jim!

I make no apologies for being a nerd here 🙂

Reasons to be cheerful

  • Work is mellowing out
  • My dad is out of the hospital
  • Lots of time to play with the TI launchpad
  • Good birds in the house (our guys have been really nice companions over the past few days)
  • Morse practice is coming along
  • Still pumped about the impending Movie release
  • Days off
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