Mellow birds

This laptop keyboard is buggered so excuse me if there are loads of typos…even if they involve serious breaches of grammar.

Ronni Ancona has a new sketch show coming up and last night we were lucky enough to see some of it being filmed at the BBC. Some of you may already know that I run, well the Beeb wrote to me in an attempt to publicise the new show recording, and with pleasure I complied.
Michele and I turned up early and decided to queue in the rain. This was mainly because we couldn’t find a pub nearby (I know! The BBC! Weird), but it turns out that they have installed a cafe/bar for audience members since I last visited the place. LWT take note.
Let me tell you, if you get audience tickets for the Beeb, please get there before the door-opening time. It’s great. You get to have a glass or two of rather good wine, whilst watching a bunch of lazy arses having to queue.
Both of us tried to spot punters that found out about the show through, which basically meant looking for snurglars, and Michele spotted 3 in our row at least. It seems I’ve inadvertently found a superbly effective way to meet snudgers, pervs and generic saddos.

Anyway – the new show looks good, even if it does suffer from many of the diseases of other recent shows: unoriginal material, too little material for a series etc etc. Overall she’s still great is our Ronni.

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