Now the sun is over the yardarm, I’m enjoying a glass of vino collapso while Michele drifts in and out of the room, and Humph drifts in and out of his sleep. It seems like a good time to list some media that is currently on my mind:

  • SPACED series 2 DVD – the only problem with buying this is that now I have to buy the series 1 DVD, even though I’ve got the video.
  • Dude – Where’s My Country – Michael Moore. Chapter 1 is pretty damn good anyway. Half price from Amazon you know. Spent an hour this afternoon in bed reading it.
  • Heroes of Comedy – Leonard Rossiter
    On now and a great tribute to someone who made me laugh a lot as I was growing up
  • TV Ark
    which has loads of archive TV stuff including old adverts. Watch out – there’s a Humphrey about.
  • Bill Hicks – Sane Man
    The best Bill Hicks video out there. If you like Bill, you must see this – in front of an American audience he really gets angry – the less the appreciate it the better he gets.
  • Bill Hicks – Rant in E minor
    A compilation of a lot American stuff – another classic
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