The Department of Work and Pensions learned an important lesson about outsourcing this week. The same week we discovered that two of the impotent, useless, fannyhead companies that my workplace foolishly decided to employ have announced they are switching to MS-SQL server. I’m not going to sit back and watch another fucking disaster so it’s time to leave. I’ve had enough. Of everything. Reading The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (again..thanks Ben) really drives home how much of what we’re expected to believe is bollocks. Far more than even the average cynic can cope with. But enough of this maudlin cack.
Here are the high points of the last couple of days:

  • Last night- Lisa’s birthday. A top night where we all learned more about red wine and its effects. We ended up in a place called the “roadhouse”. Some sort of American themed hellhole I would never have gone to….except that it was great. Cheap red wine and (seemingly) infinite amounts of time. Hmm.
  • We went to Madras; a south Indian restaurant in Lewisham. Not only is the food superb but it’s insultingly cheap. I can’t begin to express how good that meal was. Before going there Michele and I went to the union and met up with some top people. A great night so far 🙂
  • Humphrey. Dear Humph. She’s been so loving recently. Preening us, trying to regurgitate for us (that’s a parrot compliment BTW)
  • I’m a celebrity get me out of here… I know how shit this is. I know it’s the worst sort of pap. I know. I KNOW! I love it though. But even I can’t cope with ITV2’s 24-hour-a-day worship-a-thon. Nancy to win.
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