Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

Reading The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists on the way to work will never feel comfortable. Whether you’re on your way to your decorating job, or on your way to be a hedge fund manager, it will make you think about things; it will, unless you are a complete imbecile, produce existential thoughts. One of the most astonishing and unexpected finds is that if the words “Tories” and “Liberals” were replaced with “Republicans” and “Democrats” it would be exactly descriptive of American Politics today. It was written in 1910.

This week my company organized “The Company Olympics” (where the word “Company” was actually the name of the company, but I’m not giving Google that much help). Even though it mainly involved rain and sport, it was a great afternoon. We also had to dress-up in “fancy dress” the theme of which was “Le Retro Sportif.” For help with this concept, Michele asked my neighbour Tim who suggested I go as Captain Lou Albano. This was brilliant for several reasons:

  1. All I had to do was put a rubber band in my beard, wear some gold chain, and put on a Hawaiian shirt.
  2. Tim had a suitable shirt he was willing to lend me.
  3. The Captain had longish curly hair.

Apart from one dude thinking I hadn’t bothered dressing-up, it was a success.

The rain became so serious that we were, fortunately, bound to abandon the sporty aspect of things and retire to the bar (all facilities were provided by a Ukranian Social Club BTW). The rest of the day/evening became what we Brits would call “a massive piss-up” and joy ensued. [Pictures are available on Flickr/Google+ to friends and family.]

Oh and they also hired the Guapo’s Tacos van for eats which not only provided astonishingly good food, but also Margaritas (all on the company).

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