London bombs

The inevitable anti-muslim backlash has begun following the recent bombings. The usual meaningless tripe about “groups linked to Al-Quaeda” has been spouted almost non-stop by the press since the morning of the blasts. But whichever bunch of nutters is responsible, all they have done is moved the fascist fader in the brains of the Great British public, up a few notches. An odd, but utterly predictible outcome for such an act.
As someone on the radio, possibly Charles Clarke, commented, the plot “went under the radar of the intelligence services”. This I find genuinely odd and can only imagine that MI5/GTAC were looking in the wrong place. In other words, perhaps we should hold off before we decide who’s to blame.
The last time a terrorist “went under the radar” in London it was the right-wing psycho nazi nailbomber, David Copeland. Copeland was trying to start a race war and got away with three nail bombs before being caught. The spooks couldn’t have done it without the help of moles within the far-right. In the grand old tradition of MI5, they missed this plot from the fascists.
Copeland was mentored by extreme nazi lunatic David Myatt who, after his lifetime of nazi theorising, now claims to be a muslim. He is also a supporter of suicide attacks. Cynics might suggest his conversion to Islam was simply a method of spreading tensions beween religions and races.

Either way, he, Copeland and all of the other neo nazis are presumably delighted by the bombings and the racial tension they will assist in heating.

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