Being a sad git I did the BBC national IQ test yesterday (the flash one). It really does demonstrate how dodgy the whole concept of intelligence is. All IQ tests do is demonstrate how well you perform in an IQ test. God help you if you weren’t English or suffered from dyslexia.
This time I got 120, on other tests I’ve got anything between 110 and 140 so what does that say ? It says that no-one really knows what intelligence is. It also says that I’d had a couple of bottles of wine beforehand…not that I’m trying to find excuses of course…grrrrr
On the other hand, there was someone in the studio who got 140 – bastard! And he was a city trader. Bet he’s got a big cock too.
[ additional – I just tried this IQ test and got 159 – even more confusing. If you need your ego boosted after the BBC one then give it a go ]

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