A good friend of ours lost his family, his job and his home recently. He stayed on our sofa for a few days with the few posessions he could grab before moving on to stay somewhere else. It isn’t fair and would bring the strongest person to despair. From my position in a marriage, with a steady job, a place to live and a potentially stable future it could have made me feel thankful and relaxed. But it didn’t. It just made me feel angry and unstable. Even the most civilised society is only three meals away from revolution. While we can look back with pity at all of the historical bollocks-ups we’ve made, we still can’t feel comfortable that we won’t make the same mistakes again – in fact it’s almost a certainy. It doesn’t matter what you do, you still live on a razor edge. It could be due to capitalism, madness, stupidity, or nature, but you could loose it all instantly. When a species has developed enough to be able to produce its own complete destruction then perhaps it’s time to call it a day. We’ve had our chance, let’s just leave it to the next lot.

Hmm – what a load of maudlin crap. Sorry. The guy I was talking about will end up winning again, and I’m sure there are many more happy-days to go before I croak. But surely it’s not a bad idea to occasionally go full-on with the paranoia, depression and mean waves from time to time ?
No this is all wrong – this was supposed to have been an “up” blog entry that went on about what a piece of brilliance the first series of “The Office” was and it’s turned into some sort of Joycean stream of consciousness from the arse of the world’s most miserable bastard.
Sorry. Here are some reasons to be cheerful:

  • It was quite nice out for part of the day
  • This wine isn’t bad considering it only cost 2.50
  • Tomorrow is friday and then there’s a bank holiday weekend
  • Epitonic
  • The Iraqis are fighting back against the fascists
  • Adrian is getting married this month

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