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Thanks for the feedback on the brick problem. If you don’t want to know the answer, look-away now. 27! Simon was the only person to get it right. See, that psychology degree did come in handy didn’t it ? Maybe not…

Not been too bad at work over the last couple of days. Mainly because it has been quiet as a morgue, leaving us time to actually do some work. A rare thing. Sadly, my office-mate and colleague, Shirley, left work yesterday still not knowing if she will still have a job on monday. This is due to the incredible lameness of our Personnel department.
However, this week they demonstrated that they aren’t as shit as they first appear by offering her another 6 months….starting in September. This sounded like quite a good deal to me until Shirley pointed out that this was probably an attempt to create a “new term of employment”. Of course! They’re trying to do her out of redundancy. An explanation:
One of the only good things our “new Labour” government has done is improve part-time and temporary workers’ rights. Nowadays you can’t be discriminated against for being a contractor. In fact, if you have contracted for a while, you are entitled to redundancy if they terminate your contract! So here we find our Personnel department trying to pull a fast one. We still don’t know what the outcome of this situation is. However, what they don’t realise is Shirley is owed “fair treatment”, this includes adequate notice. If they decided she’s out of a job, she can take them to a tribunal 🙂
Other things…
This week’s “evil video game” is “Manhunt”. The news media, together with Dixons, have decided to promote this game by explaining how violent and nasty it is on every news programme. They even got some poor woman whose son was killed by some inner-city thugs to help them promote it by trying to ban it. The guy from the BBFC said that he wouldn’t have a problem with it being banned, but legally couldn’t do it. Aren’t we humans lucky that there are people such as he that are ordained by god to be able to watch disturbing violence and sex, without being turned into the psychopathic daemons that we, lesser morons, would become, should we ever be exposed to the same material.
The forthcoming Prodigy album “Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned” is really, really very good. But not as good as I had expected. The reviews I’ve seen for it put it down as the best British rock album of all time…but it just isn’t. It’s still better than “The Fat of the Land” (IMO), but I can’t help feeling Liam has jumped the shark to some degree. Sorry Liam, I still think you are one of the best musicians of the last century, but you never topped “The Dirtchamber Sessions”…I also agree with you about “Baby’s got a Temper”…I still believe that the more special guests someone has on their album/sitcom, the more they have to rely on famous names. This is probably unfair, if I was in that position I’d love to have personal heroes like Kool Keith and Princess Superstar on my records. Christ I can talk some shit when I want to.
Humph is lovely still.
Hmm, this Prodigy album is growing on me…I might have to eat my words…again. I might even buy it!

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