Labor, Chickens and Cocoa

The UK had a day off last week, and tomorrow the US follows suit: Labor Day. This has become my de-facto year marker over here (judging from previous blog-posts). What’s irritating about this particular holiday is how misjudged it has become. Ask people about Labor day and they will talk about cook-outs and grilling (barbecues), the end of summer, and the approach of autumn. This is part of the original cynical plan, and saddens me. Especially as I’m in the middle of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, and shortly after watching a great documentary on the history of Council Housing.

Yesterday was a great Saturday: It started with going for an amazing Dim Sum with Jon and Miko. Michele was also supposed to attend but had been suffering with a headache that kept her awake. By the time we returned to Manayunk Michele was feeling better and suggested that we go to a farm in Plymouth Meeting to buy a new chicken for the SWRC. So Helen, Michele and I did just that, and we consumed some smoothies made from harvested strawberries/lavender while we were there.

Since then I’ve been happily been playing in Cocoaland while Michele was slaving away at work. And the best thing is there’s no work tomorrow! Woohoo!

Except that Michele does have to work. Which is really bollocks. Hopefully her schedule will be toned down a notch after the baby squirrels have all been released.

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