Join the race

No! Wait! Come back! Yes it’s about Jade Goody and Big Brother, but not what you think…probly.
On the day we flew to Mexico the Big Brother “racism” story hit the headlines in the UK and, as we discovered, slowly propagated around the world. Well, at least we know it got to Canada and Mexico. The Guardian printed an interesting comment about a remark from Jade’s boyfriend Woodchip, or whatever his name was. He wanted it known that when Channel 4 bleeped him, it wasn’t because he called Shilpa a “Fucking Paki”, as suggested by the many complainants. What he actually called her was a “Fucking Cunt”. So that’s alright then.
Since when has it been worse to call someone a “Paki” than a “Cunt” on TV ? Bernard Manning used to regularly talk about “Pakis”, as did many of his peers, on national prime-time TV. In fact, the 70’s were the television heyday of the word “Pakis”. In every case that I can think of it was used in a directly offensive sense too.
Now, being a total TV moron, of course I watched CBB. What you should know is there was no racism there. There was ignorance, offensive bullying and pathetic bigotry, but it was not racist. I’d go as far as to say that the main culprits (IMO), Danielle, and Wallpaper (whatever his name actually is) did come out with some racially prejudiced remarks. But this was simply impotent bullying behaviour. If Shilpa had been white with glasses she would have been “four eyes”. If she had been fat she’d have been “lardarse”. This was just the lame attempts of the intellectually inferior, envious, dullards to try and belittle her.

What astounds me is the hypocrisy of the people who are complaining. Where were the 30,000 complaints when Manning talked about “not liking pakis” on Mrs Merton ?
He is a bona-fide, genuine, racist. He admits as much! In fact, there are loads of them.

Now Jade is being bullied by the public at large. Since when did Britain have such a massive anti-racist movement ? Certainly not at the last election where thousands of fucking ignorant, bigoted, dimwits voted BNP. You can bet these are the same arsenecks who threw stones through the windows of paediatricians, pedalo minders and pedantic people during the nonce-hate months.

Please let me clarify my position for the benefit of the fucking stupid: I hate racism (and nationalism) with a, probably very unhealthy, vicious passion, but that is not what this issue is about. If there is genuinely a massive anti-racist movement in this country then direct it to the racists.
Chuck a few stones through Nick Griffin’s window. Gob at Jim Davidson or something constructive like that. Or turn up to some Anti-Nazi demos please! That would be great! But what this is really about is giving the even dimmer, even poorer arseholes than Jade something to feel passionate about.

I wonder how many of the 30,000 complaint calls to channel 4 were from Endemol employees ?

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