Inspiration and the lack of it

The weekend is over and, yet again, the week has already decided to give me a load of shit. It’s bad enough that the organisational magazine has published a “story” by me illustrated with a picture of me looking like a a homeless simpleton (something that many people have gone out of their way to tell me), but also that it consists of my face under the word “failure”. Thanks.

As the article was published this morning, our mail server: scorpio, decided to get all fucked up. As I was almost crying whilst trying to fix it, and Sue was doing her best to keep my spirits up. It became obvious that I’ve been here too long.

Well we got it sorted in the end, but to most people it will have been a crappy outage that occurred while they were reading an article about how well CS cope with systems problems. I resign.

Sunday is the day we spend a few happy hours with my parents. This week, not only was my sister going to make one of her rare appearances, but we decided to bring Humph over with us. How fortunate then that my dad’s newly purchased car decided to really piss everyone about by breaking down on Lewisham Way. BTW – if you too fell for the “Privilege” ads then picture this: you break down, phone their number and get told that the office is now closed…and the worst part is that you get told it by a recording of Joanna Lumley. That’s just too much.

In the end I called Orange DQ and got the number for “Green Flag”. Annoyingly, Green Flag were really bloody good, and their (sub-contracted) engineer was not only knowledgable, but also friendly and helpful. It was almost an example of why privatisation/outsourcing works! Bastards! OTOH it is the only example I can think of that supports the arguments.
More tomorrow (See you wednesday Tobes if I haven’t written already 🙂

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