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Firstly, let’s all raise a glass to Alex and Jael’s new baby, Scientific, who was born at 2:30 on May day. Nice one Alex! May day is the best it could be. He’ll become the next Zapata!

Working at home affords you the luxury of being able to watch Film 4 in the afternoons. Film 4 has been showing some seriously good stuff in the afternoons recently and I often wonder who else gets a chance to see them. The sort of films that everyone should see but few rarely get an opportunity. Who has the time in their lives to go out and watch a couple of film noir classics like The Ministry of Fear and The Dark Corner. Not me, but being able to experience them, even on our crap little telly was a thrill. Whenever I see people making films in black and white these days I think “you wanker!” That doesn’t make it cool! Black and white was the only option in those days, and the guys stretched the medium to its full. The lighting in any Fritz Lang film makes your hairs tingle. They were using the medium and extending it. Simply filming in black and while whilst hoping it looks more arty is the habit of the morons. Fuck off and stick to commercials.
We’re spoiled in this country, or at least I am. Imagine being able to watch classic films during your working day and then loads of Secret Army ? Doesn’t get much better than that…except for Blakes 7 obviously.

This evening Michele and I went to a local restaurant that gets loads of good reviews. We’ve both been meaning to go there for a while but never seemed to have the chance. Tonight, after a very pleasurable drink in the Royal Albert with some very pleasurable (ex)Goldsmiths people, we went along.

Restaurants that have menus with too many adjectives normally turn me off. Things like “free-range, home-reared, corn-fed, lightly-grilled, lovingly prepared , scottish chicken” make me think “chicken”. This place had the full quota of bullshit, right down to the snotty French staff, but we persevered. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a mistake. The bullshit and snottyness were heavily outweighed by the heavenly food. We eat out a lot compared to most people our age, but this food was simply spectacular.

I started with lamb-sweetbreads, together with a pea and mint sauce in a lamb/madeira “jus”. I know, wanky name, but it shook me and my expectations. Such flavours, such textures and such pleasure. The second course was equally good and contained a prefect piece of perfectly prepared, perfect, beef, in perfect sauce.

Michele seemed equally happy. Go there.

I was going to write a long spiel about couriers,morse keys and general modern cuntiness but I won’t. Think of lovely food instead. Or maybe think of baby Alex! That’s what I’m doing.

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