In the beginning

Apparently I’ve had a week off. I know because of the calendar. It feels like I just left work this afternoon and now I have to start a new job tomorrow. Owing to the fact that all personnel HR departments, in all sectors, appear to suffer from the same level of bollocksness, I have no idea where or what time to start work tomorrow. So I’m going to turn up at 9am and just hope it all works. To be honest I’m cool with such lax arrangements at a place of work. And what’s the worst that can happen – a sacking ? Hmm.

Last night was great despite being quiet. On second thoughts, perhaps it was great because it was quiet. Quality time with Michele, Humph and a top curry is just what I needed. Even the TV looked promising; The Royal Tannenbaums was scheduled and I’ve always wanted to see it. The IMDb reviews are quite peculiar because they are either full-on raves or bile-filled rants with no-one sitting on the fence. I’m delighted to announce that I’m firmly in the hate camp. Not loathing, that’s reserved for Peter Greenaway films, but “anti” nonetheless. As my dad observed, ” I kept waiting for it to start”.
None of the things we were promised were present, for example “humour”, “darkness”, “insight” or “being interesting”. We gave up after about forty-five minutes because we were diverted by watching Michele’s nail polish dry.
Later, out of desperation rather than insight, I put C4 to watch Birthday Girl. Despite being obvious Hollywood crap (I mean it’s got Nicole kidman in it FFS), might provoke some interest. What I got ,after some investment in time, was a well acted, clever little comedy drama that kept me glued (give it half an hour before you turn it off). And Nicole Kidman turns out to be a really great actress too. Well bugger me.

Afterwards, as I was wallowing in post-movie thought, there was an urgent knock at the front window which nearly caused my heart and rectum to panic. I looked out to see an old, old friend that clearly wasn’t there because he lives on the other side of the country. As my legs started to crumble beneath me, I looked again, and he was waving! Oh Jesus, is this it ?

Naahh….Steve Harper was really there, together with Pete and Bill from down the road. He’d come up for the weekend and was kipping there the night. So, the least I could do was invite them in for a chat and that’s what I did. The most I could have done was to offer them some tea/wine/etc but, being crap and still stunned I didn’t. Sorry Guys.

And so, to bed (via an episode of The Sweeney I taped earlier).

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