Hot as balls

So many things to talk about but I’m too knackered to bother…for the benefit of my memory, here is a list of stuff I don’t want to forget:

  • The spice-warehouse/analog-recording-studio/house of friendly drunks in need of a lift to a gig where one of them is supposed to be sound engineer despite being legless.
  • The comic fair.
  • The oppressive, humid, hellish, nightmare heat.
  • The bike race and associated drunken partying.
  • Quality time showing Philly off to Frances and Marshall (my excellent sister and her excellent boyfriend.)

It has been hot here. Hot! Too hot for comfort. Regularly over 100F (they still use Fahrenheit in the colonies) with 100% humidity. It’s a nightmare, or rather it would be a nightmare if we didn’t have the beautiful, sexy, dripping, oozing, purring, air-conditioners. I love those things. In fact I love them so much that Michele keeps getting jealous. But they are so gorgeous! I want them all at the same time. Oh Jesus England, you don’t know what you’re missing.

One day I’ll write something worth reading.

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