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Michele works for a company that is essentially funded by public money, yet somehow she is currently getting pissed up on free champagne in Monte Carlo while I sit at home on my own getting pissed up on Vino Collapso from the local Costcutter. Odd, epecially when you consider that I work for one of the biggest capitalist organs on the face of the earth…for now. Last day: December the 15th. Same day as the Christmas Ball. I wasn’t intending to go – 90% of the Goldsmiths people that I want to remain in contact with, I remain in contact with. The rest can fuck off really…and the rest will be there. But Brodie called this week and expressed interest in coming along, together with the other Harvey and Col…so maybe I will come along.
Whilst Michele was being fed grapes, champage and caviar, by the bell boy I was at home with Humph. I’d planned to go out, but that little bird is a captivating creature. You can’t just leave her at home if you have a choice, especially when she’s such good company. So I did some computery things and watched a couple of films:

  • The Scarlet Claw – pretty poor but Basil and Nige make it all worthwhile.
  • The Ghost of St Michaels: Still really good. Bought it from Amazon because Will Hay is my main man.
  • Layer Cake – for the umpteenth time…but it’s the only other British Gangster film since The Long Good Friday that’s not only worth bothering with but really worth going out of your way to see…and lots of it is shot in Greenwich too. 🙂

Before I forget, Michele and Humph were on the letters page of the Daily Mail on Friday. Picture to follow.

Nice night last night too. Ian, Rach, Mod, Mod’s new Geezer and I met up in Greenwich. We had a couple of pints in the Kings Arms, which is now a theme pub..the theme being Olde English Pubbes. I like that though, especially now they open late. Then we did the long walk of abut 10 inches to the vietnamese restaurant next door for a stupidly large meal….followed by a trek back to the pub 🙂
Tip of the day: if you go into a pub after closing time and the bar staff ask you if you just came in, the answer is “NO!”. It seems that some pubs have licences allowing them to serve late only to punters who’ve been in there since before closing time.
More probably…

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