Hoagiefest 2009

Hoagiefest Stuff For the second time on this blog, Wawa is having Hoagiefest. Obviously the Wawa faithful and I went to get lunch there a couple of times this week, and on both occasions I was struck by the coolness of the new Hoagiefest apparel sported by the staff. So, can you imagine my joy when Michele’s mum IM’d me at work to tell me that a package from Wawa had arrived for me. A package consisting of a Wawa Time Capsule.

Now, I like Wawa, and I like the whole Hoagiefest thing (mainly because I love Wawa Hoagies). But this year they have really gone with it. Apart from the astonishingly accurate yellow-submarine theme, they have also created a competition to create the ultimate Hoagie song. My main man Dave wrote our entry in a matter of minutes and we will be victorious!

OK, it’s all marketing, but a Premium Oven Roasted Turkey Hoagie (little bit of oil, little bit of vinegar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper-jack cheese, pepper, oregano, and bacon) from Wawa is pretty bloody good. I don’t mind celebrating it.

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