Hard Labo(u)r

Hey, what did you do with your Labor day weekend ?
If you have an answer for this then frankly I’m not in the least bit interested; if you don’t then you’re probably thinking “huh huh, he didn’t put the ‘u’ in Labour”, in which case please shut up.

Labor Day is an American celebration of Labor – a bit like the English “Labour movement” but without all of the nasty traitorous “new Labour” overtones. Over here very few people realise it’s a Socialist holiday and instead it’s regarded as the real end of summer. Of course to me it’s just another crap Bank Holiday Monday, but here people treat it like it’s a six month paid holiday in Thailand. It’s just a Monday off work! Not only that, but any holiday benefits you had before (like early Fridays) finish afterwards. It’s nothing to celebrate!

If the masses realised that Labor day was a genuinely socialist celebration they would immediately go back to work out of patriotism. Over here the word “Socialist” means “all of the bad things like Hitler, and communism, and you know, terrorists and stuff”. It’s quite sad.

Meanwhile, the true patriots are engaged in the ultimate battle against evil: the battle against a healthcare system that will allow them to get treated when they are ill without having to go into even more poverty. I thought I knew a bunch of pig-ignorant racist arseholes in London, but nothing like the army of porky tosspots who live here.

Sadly the problem seems very simple and it’s what we already knew: the Rightards are pathetically scared of black people. Not only that, but when a black man can stand up in the face of a bunch of shit-for-brains cracker senators and deliver a beautifully well written speech with confidence and dignity, they get terrified! Can you imagine what’s going on in their little pea-brains ?

“I like what he says, but he’s an evil nazi communist, socialist, evil murderous muslim. DOES NOT COMPUTE! Mr Beck says he’s evil and Mr Beck is obviously right because I understand all of the words he uses…and he cries when he talks about AMERICA…so he must be nice.”

If America fails to end up with healthcare-for-all after this, then America doesn’t fucking deserve it.

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