Our first weekend in the new place is well underway and, to be perfectly honest, I can’t remember a time when I felt happier (excluding nights out in New Cross of course). We both love our new house, our bed, our new town, our lovely birds and even our neighbours seem friendly. The only thing missing is you! If you come and visit we’ll guarantee that you have at least one night that will justify your plane fare.

There are other reasons why I’m happy:

  • I resigned from my job on Friday!
  • We filled in a tax return which means that not only are we eligible for a $1200 “economic stimulation” payment, but I also got a rebate for $500 owing to my stupidity when filling in the tax form.
  • I start a new job with a very cool company on the day after my birthday.
  • That will leave me with enough time to come back to the UK for a week!
  • The tax rebate will pay for it!
  • Wooohoo!
  • There’s a pub down the road called “Union Jack’s.”
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