Great People

It’s nice to see that even in the smallest, most insignificant, places, there are still great people to be found. Here are a few that have been in our house, via various media, in the past couple of hours:

  • Margaret Cho
  • Ben Zephaniah – for everything he’s ever said and done – especially turning down an OBE
  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – for telling national television that Ben Zephaniah’s refusal to accept his OBE made her feel guilty for accepting her MBE.
  • Tony Benn – ever watched him go up against Ali G ? I know it’s not very important, but it does demonstrate how committed he is to his ideals
  • John Humphreys and Jim Naughtie – for being able to make minced-meat out of the most determined jaded political scumbag.
  • Mark Thomas and Mark Steel – for remaining funny, clever and righteous for at least all the years that I’ve known you
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