GoogleJuice/Door opening service

Someone very clever reverse-engineered the Google toolbar enough to work out how to generate the checksum needed to get a pagerank.
In a nutshell, drag
this link
into your bookmarks or toolbar, and then whenever you want to know the pagerank of the page you’re viewing, just click the button.
The most surprising find for me was that of all of the various pointless sites I have up, the one with the most Google juice is…sandwich selector. Funny old world.
Yet another Friday night I don’t remember. Yet again a lacklustre plan to give up drinking for a while. Yet again woken at 2:30am by a couple of Italian students that erroneously believe that we operate a 24-hour “door opening service” for Surrey House. Michele was so infuriated (this is a frequent occurance),she went up to the front door, shouted at the poor bastards and then closed the door on them…
However, Michele has a plan. We will construct a tape of hold music, with occasional interjections such as:
“Welcome to the Door Opening Service. All of our door openers are busy at the moment but we will open the door as soon as someone is available.”
“Sorry for the delay, your door-opening request is important to us. Please continue to hold”
“Sorry, we are experiencing more door-opening requests than usual. Please continue to hold, or request the door is opened at a more reasonable time.”
Loop it, and play it down the phone the next time some pillock decides to rin random bell number at 2 in the morning.

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