Good few days

The misery of sofa-confinement has now ended. The end began on Thursday when Tony visited me. He lives in France and, for some bizarre reason, the French think Armistice Day is something to celebrate and ,consequently, take the day off work. Cheese eaters! It was a good to chat and talk bollocks with an old friend, which is what we did. Ian and Sue also turned up and it made me feel a lot better about the world; Sue and Michele both brought wine into the house, but I’m not suggesting this is related to my good mood at the time. OK ?
Friday, my first “long” walk for a fortnight. Down the road to the Walpole for lunch. How I’d missed that Thai food (and the company of my workmates of course 🙂
Things are healing quite well, but walking is still a problem. The solution seems to be to put a hand in the left pocket (anyone’s hand will do) and pull the jeans out to the front. Employing this method allowed me to cover quite a lot of ground on Friday.
In the evening the Walpole was full of people I really like. Not only the regulars, but loads of other top people, including those celebrating Claire’s time at Goldsmiths, as she is about to abandon ship. Lots of people will miss you Claire. Later in the evening, Michele, Ian, Mod, Rach and Sid had arranged to go down to Kaya House. It was superb as usual. However, due to feeling tired and emtional, I had to leave early. Michele helped me hobble home (it still hurts!)… As soon as we got there I hit the bed, but I’m told that Tony and his mate turned up afterwards. Sorry I missed you guys.
Saturday. Quincy has been cancelled on Saturdays by ITV2, without any consultation with loyal fans, but luckily another quality friend had planned to visit us. Ben arrived early afternoon with a wicked Guiness t-shirt, a bottle of chateauneuf-du-pape and a book. Too kind Ben. What could I offer back ? Tea and a crap sleepingbag….
But we went out to the Walpole. My nob was giving me jip but the “hand in pocket” technique worked well. After a few pints of the excellent Guinness we went home…via the Marquis and the Rosy 🙂
This afternoon we had some quality food and company round my Mum and Dad’s. BTW, their car turns out to have an engine that is so fucked that it would cost more to fix it than they paid for the whole thing!
Luckily, they bought it off the world’s nicest people, who not only agreed to give the money back, but also asked them to keep the car! That’s not right! I might start getting my faith in humanity back!
Back to work tomorrow I think. That clearly sucks, but at least our home is within hobbling distance from the office, so if it all gets a but heavy I can go home. And the weekend was really quite good I think.
Other things too…but another time.

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