Gobbler Shortis

Now, I’m aware that Wawa gets mentioned way too frequently on this blog, but we have just about come to the end of a glorious era that lasted months where you could take $3 into a Wawa and get a “Turkey Gobbler” in return. For the uninitiated this consists of roast turkey in gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pepper-jack cheese, in a “shorti” hoagie roll [cheese and sauce optional].

An aside: my workmates and I (especially the male workmates) object to the name “Shorti” being applied to this particular hoagie because it is six inches long. The ten inch roll is called “Classic” (no argument there), the four inch a “Junior”, again no complaints. But “Shorti” for a six inch hoagie? We’d be far happier if it was called something like the “Actually Statistically Average Roll” or the “Healthy and Normal Roll” or even the “Nothing to Worry About There Honest Roll”.

But for $3, you’re getting a big and satisfying lunch and the Shorti is available in whole-wheat! Fantastic!

Now they are doing the same sort of deal for Breakfast Rolls! $3 for egg, bacon and all sorts of other goodies in a massive hoagie!

Sometimes I appreciate living in such a bountiful land.

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