Glitches and bugs

American news media doesn’t really cover many stories that aren’t directly related to America or Americans. So ever since Obama was elected all we’ve heard on the mainstream media is a perpetual discussion of what he said today, conjecture about the implications, random predictions of how it will pan out, and how the Republicans reacted. Obviously the Murdoch organs are emphasizing that last point more than anything else, but what do you expect from media run by Beelzebub himself. But it’s clear that the twitching, wrinkled, mephitic remains of his revolting earthly manifestation are getting desperate. A Monkey ? Really Rupert. Face it, you lost this time. Now just pop off and die in a fire would you ?

The bewildered Republicans have been throwing their toys out of the pram since Obama decided to spend a load of government money on the poor majority, to the almost negligible cost of the rich minority. The only thing I don’t understand is why anyone would object to reducing tax breaks from the very rich to pay for healthcare. How can anyone possibly think that is anything but straightforward common sense ?

The top end of the economy is fucked. Over here that means that the poor are in serious trouble. Not the bankers who are directly responsible, but the poor. No bonuses for them, just the dole queue. And not like the British dole queue, because this one is fatal. If you get ill, you could easily die, because you can’t go to to the doctor. Healthcare is really, really, really, seriously expensive. If it wasn’t so expensive then Blue Cross couldn’t possibly afford to have their logo on top of the tallest, shiniest, pointiest, most phallic skyscraper in Philadelphia.

So the idea of these massive, wasteful, cash-cow health insurance companies being threatened by the spectre of public heathcare worries Republicans. Even the poor ones.

You see Republicans here all suffer from severe mental illness. They will fight to the death to remove their own rights, pay more for it, and die in the process; all in the name of Freedom(tm), Liberty(R) and Democracy(C). Of course in reality they don’t know what freedom means, and if they did they’d hate it. They want to be told the right thing to do by an avuncular leader who will banish crime from the streets (by simply recruiting violent thugs to join the law enforcement agencies), and pay for what they use to Free(tm), non-governmental, private companies – all of which are owned and run by the same people who run the government.

But I’m alright Jack! My first iPhone app got put out to the app store today and it even got a good review!

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