Gannin yerm forra cupla weeks like

The festivities are over, but I’m still on holiday as the result of needing to chew up two days of leave before January. Rules like that piss me off, but until something radical changes, that’s what we have to deal with.

So, we decided that the best course of action would be to go back to the UK for a time in January and by sheer luck managed to find some astonishingly cheap (and astonishingly crap) tickets. We have to go via North Carolina (seriously) and also have to go on US Air (really). But despite the double-dose of suck, we can go back to London for a couple of weeks and at the moment a holiday is what we both crave. It may not sound like a holiday to you cynical Brits, but at the moment the idea of spending two weeks in the grey, drizzly, slush of London is the sort of dream holiday I would wish for if I were on a dream holiday during a dream, on a dream holiday.

It’s little things you miss, and so I’ve started compiling a list of little things to try and achieve during our stay.

So if you’re around, please get in touch with a mobile number and we can meet up and see, eat, or drink something cool together.

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