Friday – all weekend

Dan was kind enough to lend me the film “Friday” which, like so many films, I should already have seen. It was pretty funny but chickened out in the end and turned all hood and that. Pity. I’d still tell people to go out and see it , if only for the first half hour which caused me to change my underpants with laughter….or maybe it was the stomach complaint with which batly and myself have been suffering. In the words of Frank Hovis, “one good cough and you get all sorts of trouble.”

Anyway – Friday night was the usual after-work drink with the exception of Ian who was ill for the past couple of days…I’m betting he’ll be back to work with a black-eye again on monday 🙂 It ended up with Dave H, Zap and Roz. Roz had written her car off that day so wasn’t in the best of moods. So we spent a long time trying to persuade her that this was a good thing….by lying basically. On reflection I actually think it may be a good thing – she’s moving away from London, her job and a history with some twatty boyfriend who fucked her about. Why not leave the car behind too ?

Alistair Campbell resined as well. This makes me sad because he went out gracefully rather than going round the bend with a machine gun – he could have taken out the entire cabinet if he’d thought about it. I have even less respect for him now.

Saturday was a beautiful day – very cold and very sunny. I couldn’t contain myself and so went up town to wander about and sit in a couple of pubs. Such a good way to spend a saturday even if you don’t find any open wireless networks. Bah! Nonetheless it did wonders for my spirit such as I have one. That night we watched Friday and then Copenhagen; a play about Neils Bohr and Mr Heisenburg(sp?) meeting in 1941. I’m not sure what message the author intended us to take away from the latter, but for me it seemed to suggest that western europe could well now be a pile of ash if Neils Bohr had controlled his anger…all the more reason to feel smug about being argumentative and stroppy.

This evening we had another gastronomic evening at my parents and learned more about how cool the extended family was.

“Regrets and omissions Carter….regrets and omissions.”
Uncle Mort

Chris asked me if I could copy a copy-protected CD and, without thinking, I told him I could… There are loads of ways to copy
-protect CDs – all of them CRAP. This one is particularly crap….mangling checksums. You lame wankers….Hear me now:

Don’t buy copy protected CDs

They are broken. You are buying damaged goods – this is your reward for playing by the rules. They have contempt for you, and you repay them by buying their broken CDs. Don’t do it. The only people copyrights hurt are the real fans. If you want to support a musician, band or sound system then send them cheques – buy their t-shirts – go to see them live. They get more of your money that way. If you buy CDs the artist gets about 1%, and you buy bastardised goods. Of course I can copy it. The real pirates can copy it too – with no bother. The only people that can’t are the legitimate purchasers. Don’t help the record companies out – they hate you.

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