Freedom Radio

Iraq is surely Free(tm) now that it has Freedom Radio(R). Yes several hours a day of US establishment approved unthreatening sounds, including lots of RRRRRRRock with a small R. The Channel 4 special was quite astounding. On the Beeb we’re used to seeing films that are critical of the U.S. regime in Iraq. Many people choose to see this as evidence that the BBC is biased, without realising that in fact it’s evidence to the contrary. The BBC isn’t owned by Murdoch, Turner or any of the other over-rich bastards with financial interests in the ‘news’ they present. However, now that Bush is truly in the shit in his own country, the more conservative (small ‘c’) news gatherers are feeling more comfortable with broadcasting objective reports.
The groovy “FREEDOM(C) RADIO” DJ in her dress-down-friday style military uniform grinned as she extolled the virtues of having a truly FREE(P) station…just before she told us how she couldn’t play whetever she liked because the “higher authorities” decided what should be played….Doesn’t sounds very “FREE” to me. I imagine they don’t have too many phone ins then. But rest assured that Rockin’ Rumsfeld will have sorted out some of the deffest trax for the newly liberated Iraqis and occupying troops to funk to…only there’s no Country and Western, and no Hip-Hop. I’m sure all of the troops apprciate that. You can’t be free if you can choose to listen to EVIL music like that, that challenges the freedom all Americans and Brits have to sit down and shut the fuck up and just do what they’re fucking told by their government…

Yeah ok – enough. Still moving house, it’s still looking impossible only now we have an extra 50 carboard boxes we’re not touching while we worry about how much there is to do. This is how we spent our Easter. Because we’re atheists, God in his forgiving compassion, gave Michele a right shitty virus with which she is still suffering. He’s saving mine up until we actually move. Note to self – must remember to pray otherwise he won’t lift a bloody finger.

Other things I did over easter:

  • See Andy and discuss making loads of money by doing groovy stuff…I’m ever the optimist as you know
  • Watch “Jersey Girl”, “Spellbound”, “American Chai” and a load of “Chapelle’s Show”; the later was the first US comedy show for years to make me laugh out loud – go and watch it.
  • Watch some borrowed DVDs (The Sweeney and Spaced)

That sort of thing.

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