Fonejackin’ fever-havin’ mean-being

Last week was so good that the only thing eligible to round it off properly was febrile delirium. Thankfully somehow I managed to pick up a virus that enabled me to reach such a state by Sunday night. There’s nothing nicer than lying awake shivering whilst sweating profusely, dealing with pain, and wishing you were dead. Michele was worried enough to call out the quack. In typical NHS style the doctor did turn up and was very good, but we had to wait 4 hours. After a round of examinations and a dollop of sympathetic bedside manner she told me it was a virus and there was nothing she could give me beyond pain killers. By the next morning the fever had gone but three days later I’m still not better and it’s getting right up my hooter. Please, can’t I just be ill, or completely better? This hideous limbo state of sore throat combined with muzzy head is really life-sapping. I’m beginning to forget what it looks like outside…which some would consider a bonus when they found out we live in New Cross I suppose. The biggest problem is the amount of time I’m blowing away that could be more productively spent preparing for our departure to the States on October 15th. We’ve got our tickets! Woohoo! Michele’s dad has even given her his old car which is probably going to be the poshest car I ever get to drive!
Even if it all goes pear-shaped and we end up coming back after a month, it has to be done.

We finally got round to listening to Fonejacker this week. Neither of us thought we would really like it; there are so many crank call merchants around now and few are ever as good as the Jerky Boys at their best. Despite the direct ripoffs of the Jerky boys and some of the bad-taste, bordering on downright cruel, calls, we’ve been laughing our arses off every night listening to them on our vespertine MP3 player. The calls related to automated voice recognition systems particularly tickle me. In fact they make me wonder whether these systems exist solely to give people at Parcelline and CityLink a laugh at the exasperated customers.

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